Happy Halloween

It's that time of year once again, Halloween u...

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With another insanely over commercialized holiday upon us I figured I would rant about Halloween!  And what better way to start then with a brief outline of this ghoulish date; 

The origins of Halloween date back to a Celtic festival. The Celtics celebrated the New Year on November 1st and believed that the ghosts of the dead would return to earth on the last day of the year to damage crops and wreak havoc on the town’s people in search of human bodies to possess. So on October 31st of each year the people would dress up as ghouls and ghosts to avoid being possessed by said demons.  

The trick-or-treat element of this holiday is thought to have originated through the catholic religions declaration that November 1st be All-saints day, and November 2nd All-souls day. People would travel village to village begging for “soul cakes,” the more cakes they received, the more prayers they would offer, hence the request for treats on this date. 

Now vastly commercialized, this event is a big money-maker for big box stores, and candy companies. Each year we ask our children what they want “to be,” and race around trying to find the perfect costume; this inevitably leads to travels to ten different stores, looking at ten different princess costumes, fighting with ten different mothers, who have ten different daughters, who all want the same dam costume as “your” little princess….who would of course make a WAY more believable Cinderella than the little brunette girl at Walmart

Each year we spend excessive amounts of money, on excessive amounts of candy, with the expectation that hundreds of little ghosts, goblins, ballerinas, and Barbie’s are going to come knocking at our door asking that expected question…”trick-or-treat!” and you would NEVER want to be caught without candy on hand, or the “trick” is on you! Each year we end up with a lot of extra candy, and a few very tired, yet very over-sugared children of our own! 

So why do we do it? Because we are parents…. Despite what we mumble in moments of weakness, we love our children. We enjoy seeing them have fun, and even though dental bills are expensive, we enjoy spoiling them with goodies and treats. 

Luckily for me this year my son has decided to be a Zombie Army Man, and my daughter (who is too young to actually trick-or-treat, but heaven forbid should miss out on the excitement of the event!) will be a ladybug. Her costume is being handed down from a friend, and my son’s cost a total of $1.00 for face paint! I guess I have the extra cash to spend on candy now, for the hundreds of ghosts, goblins, ballerinas, and Barbie’s that may, or may not, show up at my door!!


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