Creepy "Crawlies"

Baby hat

Image by MichaelEClarke via Flickr

Well today marked the first “real” day that my beautiful little devil angel started “really” crawling! Sure she has been scooting around for a while now, she gets from here to there, but today, seemingly out of nowhere, this beautiful little chubby, messy, crying, crazy monster started to actually crawl! Let the fun begin. 

Well it started like any normal day in my life…doing laundry with two children in tote…I don’t have the luxury of a washer and dryer in my shoebox apartment, so it is off to the laundry mat…which thankfully is just around the corner, see I don’t drive, so imagine the difficulty of getting a 7 year-old, a 7 month-old and 7 loads of laundry to the laundry mat…even if it is “just around the corner.” So I opted to just pick out the items that “really need washed.” And save the rest for another time. I am a procrastinator. I am aware; I will deal with that later. 

 While at the laundry mat, my beautiful little devil angel decided that sitting in her stroller patiently while mommy washed, dried, and folded was not and option…am I shocked really? No. But mothers are allowed to have dreams too dammit. So despite what I am sure was a look of disgusted from a more “conventional” mother, I lifted the screaming, squealing little monkey from the confines of this contraption, which might I add are designed to confine a child in the place you wish to keep them confined, and placed her on the floor. 

Yes, I know how motherly of me. Though it may not have been the most hygienic choice, I was not faced with many other options at that point…. The only man in the place was fixing to steal my dryer…I could sense it. There was a mad dash for the dryer, a slight struggle as I pushed him out-of-the-way…. and before I knew it I turned around to find my precious, if not a little dirty, baby at my heels! (OK I am also prone to exaggeration along with procrastination!) Anyway….. “there she was” I was speechless, that doesn’t happen to me often…but I truly was! 

When I managed to get myself together my first thought was that my loving son, who likes to believe that he can carry his little sister everywhere, had moved her closer to her mommy… but this was not the case. I know this because my son was engrossed in some silly children’s show on the laundry mat television, and had no clue that his little sister had even moved from his feet. Yeah, yeah…responsibility, that’s why we don’t have a dog!!! 

The point is that once I was standing there watching I saw that this perfect, helpless little baby had discovered that she was now more than able enough to get around on her own, and not nearly so helpless…The first feeling that passed over me was pride, but that was quickly replaced with panic…now that she can actually move how am I ever going to keep her contained? How will there ever be peace? How? How? How? 

This panic has not yet subsided. I came home and secured the baby gate across the very steep stairs into our apartment, scanned for dangerous items that would now be within reach, and prepared for the worst. As I type this blog post she is in the midst of climbing the back of my chair, the wall unit, and her older brothers legs…..As I said “let the fun begin!”


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