Something to “Bitch” about…

Now I'm That Bitch

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Bitch; another word that I believe is misused, and misinterpreted. Trust me I have been called a Bitch on many occasions, but I am far from tears. Let’s break it down…. 

The “Urban Dictionary” defines the word “bitch”:

  • Annoying and whining female
  • A woman who doesn’t give a flying F**K anymore and can/will be cruel to men
  • A woman with a bad attitude 

Now for MY definition of a “bitch”;

  • A woman who is independent, strong and able to speak her mind.
  • A woman, who won’t do what “you” want her to, will do what “she” wants.
  • A woman who is not afraid to stand up for her self to get what she wants. 

Now what’s wrong with being a “Bitch?” 

This thought is pretty straightforward and simple. If being a “bitch” means standing up for yourself, getting what you want, and not conforming to other people’s opinions of what you should be, then there is nothing wrong with being a “bitch.” In fact, quite the opposite! If “bitch” is being defined in this way, should we not all aspire to be a little more “bitchy?” 

The fact of the matter is, woman have always been looked down upon as the “lesser” sex, don’t fool yourself, though times have changed there are still many people with this view. Perhaps it is a little milder than it once was, but it is still present in society today. We live and experience this type of perception on a daily basis, whether we choose to acknowledge it or not, woman are, and will always be, seen as helpless in some ways, to some people. We are often depicted this way in movies, television shows, and marketing campaigns. Yes, we are lucky we now have rights, and role models that prove otherwise, but there will always be those that see us as a “lesser” being. You need only look at government statistics for rate of pay to see that this outlook is still present in society today. 

With that little “rant” out-of-the-way, the point I am making is this…. 

If we as women are not going to stand up for ourselves, make our own choices, and fight against the image others conceive for us, who will? Being a “bitch” is not about complaining, whining, or being mean. It is about strength, independence, and ambition. It is about showing our daughters and their daughters, that we have the power to be anything, and everything that we desire; we have the ability and the right to make our own choices. That we are not cruel, ignorant, or difficult; we are simply goal oriented and willing to do what it takes to achieve those goals. 

So I will state loud and clear for the world to hear…. “YES I AM A BITCH…THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! I AM A BITCH, AND I AM PROUD TO BE ONE!”


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