Today was Poop!

Juice Undone

Image by las - initially via Flickr

Today I got to experience (for the first time ever) the joy of a VERY constipated infant. I aplogize for the “poop” talk…lol, but this situation was honestly tramatic for me. My little devil angel had a terrible time pooping today, and made it well-known that she disliked this discomfort. I learned a very important lesson; if your child can not poop they will scream at the top of their lungs for hours on end, all the while coiling up in a fetal position, thus causing you feel like a helpless heap, usually accompanied by a large amount of tears on your part, and theirs, OH… and Prune Juice is amazing

Prune juice is one of those wonders that every mother should keep on hand at all times, which should not be difficult as I was only able to find one size…GIANT. But a few ounces of this magical nectar and my little sugar-plum was back to her bouncy, bubbly, if somewhat tired, self!! Thank God because another few minutes of the grunting, screaming, sobbing mess that she was and I would have had to check into the loony bin! 

I found a few remedies online though before setting out on my search for prune juice, which is a highly recommended treatment apparently, among the suggestions I found; 

Suppositories – I think this would have been my LAST resort, personally the thought of shoving anything up any ones butt kinda creeps me out. I was definitely not meant to be a proctologist

Apple juice – I tried this suggestion but it did not seem to help my little devil angel at all, maybe for some other babies it would, but the prune juice…now that’s where it’s at! Others also suggested pear juice, and warm water in a bottle with sugar or syrup.

Karo Syrup – I have no idea what it is, or where to find it, but apparently a few people use it so???? 

Mira-lax – this is one of those things you have to check with your doctor about first, and I personally did not have time to wait!!! 

Q-Tip with Vaseline – Another one of those uncomfortable stick it in the bum moments, but a large number of people say this trick works…??? 

The most basic suggestions were “bicycle” legs and tummy exercises, any fruit juice or baby food high in fibre, (apricots, prunes, spinach, etc) and a warm bath. All very good suggestions, but I think I will stick to my prune juice. I have my “family size” bottle on hand for the next crappy day!


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