I Guess I Should Have Said This First….

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Well this probably should have been my FIRST blog post, but I have never been notorious for being organized. (Which I am sure you will soon discover for yourselves

Before I start sharing my thoughts, advice, tips and warnings with you regarding parenthood, I will state that I adore my children. I think of myself as a caring, (if unconventional) mother, and I would do anything and everything I could to make them happy, despite the fact that at times I feel they do everything in their power to make me unhappy, but I am sure it’s not on purpose….even I could not raise such evil children as that. 

For me being a single mother is the equivalent of watching a train wreck in slow-motion over and over, a train wreck you are experiencing with personal emotion, sadness, anger, frustration, and often times injury. 

 I have a tendency to do all the wrong things, (or all the right things?) but always at the wrong time. I yell at my children, I won’t lie. I sometimes feed them peanut butter and jelly for dinner, I have forgotten breakfast once or twice, and I often feel like I live in a zoo. 

With that said, I adore my children, and I must not be screwing them up too bad because my son is a well-rounded, and well-behaved 7 year-old. He is generally polite, does as he is told, and has never been in serious trouble. Sure he has poor table manners, chews with his mouth open, doesn’t like to brush his teeth, and pretends to shoot strangers with his super spy rifle, but on average I have no complaints. 

My daughter is at the wonderful age of 7 months, and if you read the “first” post, I am having some sleep issues with the little devil angel!

Besides the fact that my daughter is an excited little night owl she is a beautiful, sweet, and consistently happy, (although a tad over demanding) little baby girl. Her smile usually causes you to forget any frustration you were feeling, and her cry will help you quickly remember it all. When all’s said and done though, I love her to death and I am excited to see the person she will become. 

I do not pretend to be the “perfect” mother; in fact I will openly state that I dislike children sure I have two of my own that I love, but all others go immediately on the “dislike list” until further examination. The “like list” (which is just another form of the “dislike list”) is reserved for my own children, those that are part of my immediate family, and a select group of others that have been selected by process of in-depth analysis. The “dislike list” is longer by far! 

I do not pretend to be the “perfect” mother; in fact I have at times done questionable things in the eyes of those “perfect” mothers. Sometimes we have dessert for breakfast, or dinner or even lunch. I have allowed my child to drink cola *gasp*, and I order pizza on a semi-regular basis. My house is NOT immaculate, and there are dishes in the sink, dust bunnies under the couch, and toys on the floor. (Although I believe it is a generally clean and safe environment.) I do not always get my son to school on time, and I have been known once or twice to not get him to school at all. I do not seek out and spend excessive amounts of money on “organic” products, or use “all-natural” healing methods. My children get dirty, and sometimes go to bed that way, but more often than not they are happy, they are healthy and they are safe. To me that is all that parenting is about, if you disagree, well go ahead and chase your child around with a bottle of Lysol, it’s your legs that suffer not mine!

I will now begin the journey of sharing with you all the “thoughts, advice, tips, and warnings” I can, and hopefully you will find something useful amongst all the babble.  


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