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 I have been noticing lately that the world is being consumed by ignorance. Everywhere you turn people are hurting each other, and acting rude seems to be the norm. I know this is not a “new” concept, and it has been talked about time and time again, but it is truly starting to piss me off. 

I believe that positive thoughts, and actions, create other positive actions in those around you, but I must say I have been finding it rather difficult to remain positive as I watch the world evolving into somewhat of a mess. I often wonder where the days went when customer service was a businesses best asset. I wonder what happened to the “customer always right” theory. I sit and I think of how even something as simple as the way your waitress serves your drink has changed, and I see ignorance consuming the world. I know these things sound like small occurrences, and they are alone, but put each occurrence together and it depicts a larger picture of ignorance running amuck. 

I don’t pretend that I am pleasant all the time, but I try to be polite and friendly to those around me, especially when I am working in a field where I interact with others. I have always been taught that the customer is what keeps your business afloat, and word of mouth is the best advertisement. Someone once told me, while I was working as a waitress, that if a customer receives poor service they will tell 10 of their friends, who will in turn tell at least two of their own, yet if a customer receives great service they may tell two people if you are lucky…why because negativity is more talked about in general. It is more likely that a negative experience will stick in your mind; for a positive experience to be talked about at large, it must be extremely remarkable. Take a look at the news for an example, when was the last time you saw a positive Top Story on your local news channel or city paper? 

This does not only apply to customer service, I have noticed this pattern of inconsiderate behaviour on a constant basis, take a look at volunteer positions for example, how many people go out of their way to help others in life on a regular basis. Sure we all have jobs and other priorities in life, but we also have gifts that others do not possess; we have the ability to give back for those things which we should be grateful. I started thinking about this while I was walking one morning and I noticed a construction site for a charitable foundation, I have kept an eye on the progress of this site and I have noticed the lack of volunteers present. This site is being built for a good cause, for a family in need, and yet where are all the helpers?  I brought this to the attention of a friend and suggested that he should think about donating some of his time, as he is out of work and well experienced in the field. I was appalled by his response that “he had other things to do during the day, and was too busy.” Not to be judgmental but he is jobless at the moment and I have seen what he does all day. His answer saddened me deeply. How many people have said the same thing? What happened to doing unto others as you wish done to you? 

You see ignorance everywhere you turn, it is on the roads, in the schools, at the coffee shop, everywhere, and as I said this is not a “new” occurrence, but I believe it is more wide-spread now than it was before, or perhaps I am just beginning to realise that they way people treat one another is disgusting! All I do know is that it is making it very difficult to have faith in society, to remain positive, and to have compassion for human kind when I watch this ignorance overpower the values and kindness that we should be sharing. 

Truthfully this is a bit of a rant just to vent my frustration at society as a whole; emphasis should be put on helping community, rather than being greedy ourselves. Even when times are tough, and we have very little of our own, we should remember that there are always others who are suffering deeper misfortune than we. If this rant causes even one person to think about what they can do to help another person, then my mission is accomplished. I can no longer sit by and watch the world be consumed by the greed and ignorance of others on any level. We are here, that is lucky enough, we should be grateful for all we have, no matter how little that may be for some of us, and we should show our appreciation by helping those who are worse off. We don’t need to devote our lives to helping others, no one is asking you to emulate Mother Teresa, but take a moment to think about how you can help another person, no matter how small or large the gift of time you can give. Making a difference is simple and one of the most positive things you can do for yourself and others.


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