BRATS – A Swift Kick In The…..

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Call me crazy but I believe that children should be at least some what well-behaved, especially in public. And I have a big issue watching people dragging their children kicking and screaming through Wal-Mart because this clearly un-disciplined child thinks that with the effort, and embarrassment, of a temper tantrum he or she will get exactly what they want. The problem is, they do!! Thus this behaviour is commended, causing the occurrence to repeat itself time and again. 

You see I believe that children are a lot like dogs; you prise good behaviour and punish the bad behaviour accordingly. I am not saying you should beat your child, which is frowned upon, but you should choose an acceptable punishment and stick to it.    

I am aware that children act out from time to time; I know every child has moments when they are just miserable, that is not my issue. It is when you see a little brat CLEARLY acting out of control while the parent stands by and does nothing. Often in this case you will see the caregiver browsing the clothing racks or book shelves with a complete disregard for the actions of this spawn of Satan as he or she tears the store apart and unnerves the other shoppers. When this parent finally does acknowledge the child’s behaviour it is usually because the child is harassing them for some kind of treat or toy. You stand with your jaw to the ground when the parent hands over whatever the child is requesting with a feeble message of “ok now be quiet or you get nothing else.” At this point I usually want to not only smack the parent and ask them “WTF they are on!!” but strangle the little terrorist child until he or she learns what manners and respect are all about, but as I said beating children is often frowned upon especially beating other people’s children….I would not suggest it, you may get a very unexpected reaction. Actually come to think of it, it may help to pull the parent away from what they are absorbed in long enough to see that their child is one f***ed up little cookie. But no don’t try it, really. 

If this were my child, who knows better than to even attempt something so inappropriate, I would have no issues with acting on his behaviour and disciplining him in public what-so-ever. I guess in these “conservative” times though people are two afraid to discipline kids. Can you spank? Or can’t you? Where? When? How hard? There is too much red tape involved in parenting and so we are breeding a new level of ignorance and condescension through our children. I fear the world when they grow, never mind raise children of their own with even looser disciplinary methods. I am not saying I am “for” spanking, but honestly sometimes you just have to haul off and smack the kid on the ass to get the point across, or at the very least “STOP REWARDING THIS AWFUL BEHAVIOUR FOR GOD SAKES!”


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