Cut The Crap!

A typical queue at Tim Hortons

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I was reading Yahoo Answers today, yes I was bored, and I came across a simple question that had very surprising answers. 

The Question simply asked, if you are waiting in line and someone cuts in front of you, what do you usually do? 

Now this is a pretty basic question, but the answers are what shocked me most, out of the 124 replies there were so many passive responses. Maybe I am wrong, maybe not but I personally can not sit by and say nothing while I watch another person act like they are better than every other person around them. I am not saying I would attack this person with a dead bird, maybe I wouldn’t even raise my voice, but I would make it clear that they are no better than I or any other person in the line-up and they should resume their position at the back of the line. 

Of course there are times when people say nothing I suppose but I am just not made that way. One morning at Tim Hortons while I was waiting in line for a much-needed, I can not stress the word MUCH enough, coffee and man in a wheelchair came in and cut in front of everyone. Perhaps I would have let this one slide out of pure respect, except not only did he cut in front of all these people who were pleasant enough to allow it, he then proceeded to order 8 COFFEES and an assortment of BAGELS! At that point I could no longer hold my tongue, but instead of directly addressing this man I decided I would address the other patrons, as I know deep inside each and every one of them wanted to take that wheelchair by the handles and roll it down a hill….sorry I know it is politically incorrect but someone has to say it! I made comments about how it must be nice to just roll-in in such style, comments like how I wasn’t worried, I mean I had all day to wait for my coffee. Others were a little more polite although one man did join in with me saying; not like I needed to be at work on time today or anything anyway, might as well just take up camp. NOW LET ME STATE, this man was not overly disabled or anything, he was in the wheelchair more due to the fact that he was older and probably unable to get far on his feet. It was not so much the line cutting that bothered me; it was the complete disregard he had for any other person in that line. NOT TO BE RUDE but honestly you are no better, or worse off, than the rest of us, a wheelchair means priority parking, not royal status at restaurants and shops. Sorry but like I said someone’s got to say it. 

Perhaps next time you consider cutting in line you will take pity on us lesser folk, and perhaps, just by chance, next time someone sees this happening they will realise that it is an injustice, no matter how small, and should be addressed accordingly. You are no better than anyone else, and they are no better than you, treat those how you wish to be treated cause Karma’s a BITCH! 

What it comes down to is simple courtesy, at least an ounce of respect for those around you, a common knowledge that you are not any better than any other person who is waiting in line. But as I have stated before and I am sure I will again ignorance seems to be consuming the world!!!


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