The debate on Rape

Day 302: My Emotions Run Deep

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I recently came across this article on , which has quickly become my favourite thing online…but this article REALLY upset me. The article is talking about a new awareness campaign commercial that I thought was absolutely brilliant. The ad is described in the article below. It is edgy and attention grabbing, I loved it. What I did not love was the comments that followed the article….Many comments were great and inspiring but one comment infuriated me more than anything ever has before, an anonymous commenter wrote…”Men are a superior race, if they want to have sex with you, they will. If you want to avoid such an experience, wear unattractive clothing. It’s not that hard. I guarantee that 90% of women who are raped give off the impression to the rapist through their clothing choice, or how they act. Women: Stop acting like sluts and earn our respect and we won’t rape you…..”


I have never been more disgusted with a human being in my entire life. (The full comment can be seen through the link below.) I could not believe that a person would write such repulsive words. I am hoping to god this commenter is joking, but even if he is it is still sick and twisted. This article and the following comments really got me to thinking though about how we as women portray ourselves. I for one have in the past got “skanked-up” to go out to the bar with my friends; did it occur to me that my mini skirt and knee-high boots might give a man the right to rape me? No of course not, I just wanted to feel sexy and have fun. Did I worry about giving off the image of a slut? No of course not, I just wanted to feel good about MYSELF and have fun. Should rape be a constant thought each and every time we get dressed? Should we have to change the clothes we wear to prevent it? I don’t think so.


In my opinion rape will be unavoidable no matter what you are wearing, why do I say that you ask….because rape is not about SEX it is about CONTROL, that is why you hear about elderly people and children getting raped. I am sure the 80 year old rape victim was not giving off the impression of being a slut and I don’t know any child who can accomplish that either. The fact is no matter what you put on in the morning. No matter what you portray so-to-speak if some creep feels like raping you that day it will happen, sure maybe being less appealing might lower the chances, but the only real prevention is for the sicko to not rape people.

Here is the full article, check it out!!!!

Asking For It? As If! | Female Talk – StumbleUpon

via Asking For It? As If! | Female Talk – StumbleUpon.

Here is the link to the ad on You Tube


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