I’m Sorry….I’m Not!

Sorry (Explored)

Image by Express Monorail via Flickr

Sorry; an over used word that should be erased from our vocabulary unless absolutely necessary. 

(If you blow-up a building on the way out the door it is alright to apologize, but leaving the light on in the john does not warrant a need for remorse) 

I spend a large amount of time apologizing for things, things I am not really sorry about. This is especially true when it comes to my children, my busy life, my thoughts, or speaking my mind. “Sorry my son is sick, I can’t make it.” “Sorry I shouldn’t have said that.” “Sorry you ran into me with your shopping cart.”  Well you know what…. I am NOT sorry. The only thing I am sorry for is saying sorry

My personal concern with the over use of this word is the fear that the true significance is losing it meaning each time I use it inappropriately. I fear that in the event that I do need to apologize with honesty my “sorry” will have lost its power. 

I am not the only one who experiences this “apology overuse syndrome”, I have been witness to many un-needed apologies. “Sorry I couldn’t get here sooner there was a pile-up on the highway.” You’re here, WHAT do you have to be sorry for? 

I have thought deeply in search of a word that could replace sorry when it is being used in these unnecessary situations, but I have yet to find one that holds the same appeal. So for lack of better findings, I have decided to scrap the word all together! 

From now on I am NOT sorry! I am NOT apologizing for my thoughts, for my children, or for the traffic on the way to a meeting. I am NOT going to feel remorseful for speaking my mind, or making a choice, or cancelling plans. I am done with sorry entirely if it pertains to an issue that I can not control, or a topic towards which I feel no regret. I will save my “sorry” for when it matters most. 

I will save “sorry” for the times that I hurt my partner when it was not my intention. I will save my “sorry” for moments when I truly know an apology is needed to mend someone’s emotions. I will save “sorry” for the point when I truly feel shame in regards to my actions. Until then… to hell with you, I am NOT SORRY I said this!


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