An Apple a Day…Keeps Insanity Away???

OK I have a small bit of ranting to do tonight. I was chatting away on the phone with a friend while I read about people’s pet peeves. I stumbled across a site that listed 500 of them called among this extensive list was “celebrities that name their children stupid things”, and it got me to thinking about the stupidest name I have ever heard for a child. There are many strange names out there, and usually I appreciate that parents want their children to be unique, (I myself chose Chase and Londyn as names for my children because they are not commonly used, and create individualism for them in a busy world) but I truly think there is one celebrity who pushed the envelope a little too far. 

Now before I tell you who it is, I must state that I find this person to be very talented, but I am seriously questioning their sanity at this point. The more I thought about this poor child’s name, the more distress I felt. I can honestly say I feel sorry for this child having to grow up with such a peculiar title…. 

And so the K8 award for the worst thing to name your child goes to….

Gwyneth Paltrow, for naming her baby Apple

Honestly. APPLE? What was truly going through her head? When this beautiful child enters the world you look at her and say, “Hi Apple” WTF??? I am sorry but that is beyond ridiculous! It is absolutely absurd! Was this poor woman hungry? Was she under the influence of pain medication? Was she suffering from postpartum depression? Clearly no sane person would honestly name their child Apple!! Is this a joke?? 

I am aware that the child is a celebrity, she is always going to have attention of some kind, but did ever occur to her parents that she may desire a somewhat “normal” life in the future??? That goal will be rather difficult with a name like Apple!! There is not much normalcy involved there. 

Consider the possibility of the child wanting to follow a more serious career path, could you truly take a crown attorney seriously if their name was Apple? What if the poor child wants to be a teacher? Imagine the amusement of her students when they discover their teachers name is Apple? Like seriously APPLE?  I truly just do not comprehend what in God’s name this woman really could have been thinking. I just can not imagine that any person with any form of intelligence or life experience would want to name their child something so absolutely ridiculous as APPLE!


Sorry but someone had to say it!!! I know I am NOT the only person that thinks this way!


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