Skinny Bitch!!

I know it may seem bizarre for some people to hear me complain about people commenting on me being “so skinny,” but just like a comment about someone being “too fat” these remarks can be malicious. 

For those of you who don’t know me, I just had a baby six months ago. Her name is Londyn, and she is amazing! (More about my children in the future though, back to my bitching.) I am 5 feet tall, not 5’1 not 5’ ¾. I am 5 feet tall exactly. I am also 93 lbs. *PLEASE NOTE* I AM 5 FEET TALL! 

Lately I have been getting a lot of comments on how skinny I am. Now at first this made me feel good, I just had a baby, I needed some reassurance. But honestly, I am over it now, and some of these remarks are being said with a note of sarcasm that is quickly getting on my nerves. Not to say some are not just good-natured remarks or observations to the obvious, but I can clearly see that not all of them are. 

I have been asked a considerable number of very rude questions over the last few months, especially when people see I have a new baby. I have been asked whether I eat? Am I anorexic? Am I sick? How am I SO DAMM SKINNY! I am just wondering why people are so brash when it comes to commenting on a skinny person’s weight, but they tiptoe around an overweight person. If I walked up to an overweight friend and asked “Why are you SO DAMM FAT?” I can assure you I would probably not get an answer when I awoke from the consequence. 

There are some people who have tried to mask their foul remarks in a compliment, like because I am skinny I must have no brain apparently, for example: “Oh I would never fit in to those jeans, because I have a butt.” Hmmmm….Thanks! I can see your ignorance clearly, even with your “big butt” in the way. 

Perhaps I am taking these comments the wrong way, don’t get me wrong no matter the meaning I truly don’t care, I am happy and healthy, I have energy and I eat….A LOT! So what others think really means zilch, but perhaps I am overreacting. Perhaps, but I doubt it. I am not known for accepting when I am wrong even if I were! 

What it comes down to is that people really don’t need to tell me how I look. Do they honestly think I do not own a mirror? I do, and trust me I didn’t get it from the local fun house either. I am well aware of how I look. Should I walk around commenting about how they are “so fat”, “so large breasted” or “so curvy”????? I think not.

Apologies to all those who give these comments with good intention, but in all honesty I would rather have people comment on my intelligence, than my appearance anyway.

People have really odd opinions. They tell me I’m skinny, as if that’s supposed to make me happy.
Angelina Jolie


2 thoughts on “Skinny Bitch!!

  1. I think the reason why us fatties ask questions like ‘HOW ARE YOU SO SKINNY?!?’ With such surprise is because we are genuinely curious! We want to know your secrets! Nobody goes up to a fat girl and says ‘HOW ARE YOU SO FAT?’ because we don’t want to be fat, we don’t need to know how to accomplish such a thing…see what I’m saying? It’s not rude(maybe sometimes it is)it’s just frustrating like I eat right I exercise, I just had a baby and I’m 5’1 and I weight 135! How can I NOT be skinny, it’s not that I’d ask ‘how’d you get like that?’ with the intention of offending you, just seriously….how’d you do it?!?

    • Hi BobbiLynn, Thanks for the comment. See the thing is that there is a difference in these comments, some are, like you said, made purely with good intentions, curiosity or in a complimentary way. Yes, some are made with the purpose of trying to gain information or advice, some are even flattering, but not all!
      It is not about what the person asking/commenting looks like it is the tone in which it is being said. I have had very attractive people make malicious comments on my weight, I have had curvy people that are equally attractive make comments on my weight. I have even had people be so brash as to ask me if I am on drugs!!!
      I would not have an issue with the comments were they made purely out of wonder or with good intention and I appreciate it when they are, but not all people are innocent and it is just as hurtful to ‘pick on’a skinny girl as it is a curvy one is all I am aiming to point out.

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