Tell me now what is our justice system come to when a Mother Gets Away With Murder of her own child?

I am disgusted at the ruling the judge placed in this case, to allow a mother to walk free after killing her own child.

Read the article, the thing that irks me most is the statement given by Jennifer Koshan, an associate professor at the University of Calgary’s faculty of law who researches family violence, she said “It’s relatively unusual to see a mother killing a child, especially an older child,” Well it is probably not going to be unusual anymore once people see how easily they can get away with it….

How is it that a man who steals for his family can end up with jail time, yet a mother who MURDERS her troubled teen can go home free? What does this tell society, that the old saying “I brought you into this world, I can take you out of it” are words to live by? When did we start playing God?

I honestly hope the crown appeals the judges decision, because I know personally that no matter how angry my children sometimes make me there is NOTHING they could ever do that would make me KILL them.